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WSC - 9249
ACA - 8594
VSC - 3273
IND - 677
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PGC - 425
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Biden TFR Airspace Files. Check the TFR before you fly!
(South Cup Only)
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Stay out of the Mode C Veils above 7,000 feet!
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Flight Logs must be submitted in 8 days.

1-1-2020 : The 2021 G-CUP will open on March 1.

This years teams again include the 2020 North Champions !!!

Aero Club Albatross

And the 2020 South Champions !!!

Aero Club Albatross

... and the other talented teams ...

The Brandywine Snifters - Brandywine Soaring Assn
The Slovenly Horde - Philadelphia Glider Council
The Middletown Marauders - Valley Soaring Club


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WARNING - Pennridge airport has a very active jump operation that is documented via a non-expiring NOTAM. A course through the far NW side of the PGC turn area will go directly over Pennridge Airport into the drop operation.

If you are seen, this will stop the jump operation (and PGC will get an angry call) - or it will create a very dangerous situation if you are not seen. Please make all transitions well to the East of Pennridge Airport ... watching out for PGC traffic as well.

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